Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Scaffold Up, Kentile Down

In the neon book, I submit that Kentile might be *the* popular favorite among New York's old neon signs today, and the buzz generated by its apparently-impending demise seems to back this up.  Two hours after last week's post reporting the issuance of a demolition permit for the sign, Gothamist followed with its own write-up and the story has taken on a life of its own since then. Now, there's a petition circulating to convince Kentile's owners to save the sign.

 Kentile, June 9, 2014.  (T. Rinaldi)

Those owners have been cagey and evasive since the news broke, but all indications are that Kentile will come down imminently.  For all its popularity, the site is not a designated Landmark (despite efforts to do so), and with demolition permits already in place, the only hope for saving Kentile is that its owners (one Ely Cohen and Regal Home Collections) can be persuaded to incorporate it into whatever plans they may have for the site.  

#Kentile on Instagram. 

Wondering what might take Kentile's place?  The demo permit names a certain Bricolage Designs as the filing representative;  Bricolage's online portfolio is heavy on generic midrise condos, including a handful in Gowanus.  For now, the demolition permit applies only to the sign, not the building it stands on, and the owners have not announced any plans to redevelop the site.  But if this is any hint of what might be waiting in the wings, let's just say that a salvaged Kentile sign plopped down over one of these glamor girls wouldn't step on any architectural toes.  

Kentile's replacement?  Recent residential buildings in Gowanus.  (Google Streetview)

To encourage some form of Kentile preservation, City Council Member Brad Lander has launched the above-mentioned online petition (sign here).  A rally to save the sign took place over the weekend.  There's also a #SaveKentile movement gathering steam on Twitter, and the future of the Kentile site will be discussed at a community planning meeting to be held on June 25th.  But by that time, the sign could already be gone.

In the meantime, updates, memories and other thoughts on Kentile are being posted on the sign's Facebook and Twitter pages.


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SPECIAL THANKS to Jarrett Brilliant for the tips and to Keith Williams at the Wall Street Journal for being the only reporter to link back to my original post.

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