Monday, October 23, 2017

Neon News & Links

 Ladies and gentlemen, we give you: Vintage Signs of America! For years, I've posted links to the extraordinary work of sign and roadside architecture documentarian Debra Jane Seltzer.  I'm happy to report that Debra Jane now has published a book featuring some of her work - check it out

 "Vintage Signs of America" by Debra Jane Seltzer. 

 14th Street's seemingly indestructible DISCOUNT LIQUORS sign may be near the end, as an entire corner looks to be poised for bigtime redevelopment - via Jeremiah's Vanishing NY and the Ephemeral NY blog

14th Street's DISCOUNT LIQUORS sign in better days. (T.Rinaldi)

 "Neon is Back" - The Times on New York's neon revival.

 In Philadelphia - a great exhibit of old neon signs from the Len Davidson collection has been extended at least through October - check it out at Drexel University. 

 Not neon but still of note: on Manhattan's Lower East Side, JVNY reports that the empty husk of the late Cup and Saucer lunch counter has been stripped of its great old signs

The late lovely Cup & Saucer Luncheonette, formerly at 89 Canal Street in Manhattan. (T. Rinaldi)

 In Dalles, Oregon, the National Neon Sign Museum is set to open next year. 

 If you haven't yet - head over to the old Tekserve space on 23rd street and check out a great gallery of vintage NYC posters, remnants of vanished venues and businesses across the city. (The gallery can be visited by appointment only).

 Some vintage Vegas neon via the Shorpy blog. 

 After years laying in limbo, the west side's old Keller Hotel is finally staged for restoration, together with its fantastic old sign.

Poised for restoration: the Keller Hotel, at the foot of Barrow Street in Greenwich Village. (T. Rinaldi)