Sunday, September 24, 2017

East Side, West Side: New Neon Walking Tours and Other Neon News

 New Neon Walking Tours scheduled! In association with PosterHouseNYC

    > West Village Tour, Oct 3, 2017. Click here for Tickets!
    > East Village Tour, Oct 10, 2017. Click here for Tickets!

Katz's Delicatessen on Houston Street, a stop on the East Village Tour. (T. Rinaldi)

    > Also - check out the super awesome PosterHouse exhibit in the ex-Tekserve space on West 23rd Street, featuring posters from vanished NY businesses.

 From the shameless self promotion department: if you're on Instagram, so am I:  Check out @nyneonbook on Insta.  

NYNeonBook on Instagram.

 A whole bunch of stuff from Debra Jane Seltzer - here's a few to get you started:

     > Southwest Neon 
     > Mostly Tuscon 
     > Tuscon to New Mexico 
     > Southern New Mexica to El Paso 
     > Texas 
     > Towards Fort Worth 
     > Abilene & Around 

 Via Jeremiah's Vanishing New York, the loss of Second Avenue's San Loco.  

 Savor the neon in the backdrop of these 1979 NYC street scenes by Dutch sailor Peter van Wijk (via Ephemeral NY)  - then enjoy these non-neon-but-still-cool vanished storefronts from the same collection. 

 Not neon, but from the typography department - check out these pretty pictures from the NY Times Magazine Typography Exhibition

 An homage to the Corner Bistro, from Ephemeral NY.  

Corner Bistro. (T. Rinaldi)

 In Roanoke, VA: "As Neon Fades, Roanoke Explores New Options for Iconic Star."  

 In Fall River, MA, the Al Mac's Diner sign has come down....  but there's a GoFundMe to save it.

 Not neon, but - from the disappearing old stores of NYC department, say goodbye to the Park Delicatessen in Greenpoint, Brooklyn (via JVNY)  

 Via SHORPY: Some scenes of vanished neon glory in Omaha and in the backdrop of a creepily-timely photo of a 1930s Nazi march in NYC.

 In Washington, DC, crisis averted: the near-demise of the classic Uptown Theatre neon.    

 Neon in the backdrop of these great 1960s-70s photos by Carole Teller, part of an archive recently digitized and made available online by the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation (via the JVNY blog).

 From the Le Sigh department .... In Syracuse, the supremely cool Hancock Airport sign has gone LED.  

 New York sign shop Let There Be Neon is helping out with a campaign to save Havana's historic neon (via Signs of the Times Magazine).

 Feast your eyes on the glorious vanished neon (and other) storefronts of Brooklyn in a collection of photos called "Great Store F(r)onts," from UrbanArchiveNY and the Brooklyn Historical Society.

Great Store F(r)onts, via UrbanArchiveNY.

 In Long Beach, CA, a plan to protect and save the fabulously historic "Fly DC Jets" sign.  

 In the Bronx, the old Potter's Men's Shop has gone and now so has its reliquary neon.

RIP: Potter's Men's Shop vanished a few years ago.  Now their ghost sign has too. (T. Rinaldi)

 Via Thrillist.... step inside the shop of LiteBrite Neon of Gowanus (video) 

 Learn or re-learn: "This is How Neon Signs Are Made" ~ a tutorial with Esteban Salazar of UrbanGlass in Brooklyn (also video).

 In Philadelphia: author and neon practitioner Len Davidson's dream of a neon museum is coming closer to reality

 Neon on the cover of the Atlantic.

The Atlantic at Oblong Books, Rhinebeck, NY