Wednesday, June 21, 2017

In Other Neon News

For want of a more substantive post, some neon news and links.

In New York, no neon news is good neon news these days:

 On the west side, the West 57th Street Garage (along with its gorgeous, three-story high sign) is no more. 

The once resplendent West 57th Street Garage has been demolished. (T. Rinaldi)

 On the east side, the veteran Japanese restaurant East has closed.

 Uptown, the picked-over husk of the Lenox Lounge has been put out of its misery, to make way for unspecified chain retail.  Give me strength.   

 Downtown, Pearl Paint's vanished neon has resurfaced as luxury tsotschke.  

 All over town, American Apparel has left New York, dimming some of the city's best new neon.   

 In Queens, Astoria's Broadway Liquors has LEDed what was one of New York's best neon storefronts.

Broadway Wines & Liquors in Astoria boasted one of New York's best neon storefronts. (T. Rinaldi)

Goodbye to all that.  Meanwhile, elsewhere . . . 

 For your listening pleasure: my interview on the Stark Truth podcast with Robert Stark. 

 Out west, sign chronicler Debra Jane Seltzer has been out and about - warning, there are some grizzly before-and-afters here:  

    > Cali to AZ
    > In-n-around LA
    > More In-n-around LA
    > A little here, a little there

 Via, "Creepy Abandoned Ghost Signs"  

 From down south: "Meet Todd Sanders, the Man Who Keeps the Texas Neon Burning" 

 Some windows into a neon-lit past over at Shorpy:  

    > Chicago's great Pabst spectacular by day and by night.
    > And a bonus of Indianapolis neon 

 Look for neon in the backdrop of these photos by Marvin E Newman in a new Taschen monolog of his work.  

 A glorious gallery of vanished Albany storefronts, from AllOverAlbany.   

 From the not-neon-but-still-cool file: Ephemeral New York pays homage to Canal Plastics.  

 And finally ~ nationwide neon: Las Vegas' neon museum on CBS Sunday Morning.  

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