Wednesday, September 7, 2016

NY Neon Tour & Other Neon News

Tickets are now available for our next NY Neon Walking Tour!  Please join us on Wednesday, September 21, 2016, for an evening walk around the veritable museum of signs that is Greenwich Village.  (Click here for ticket information.)  We'll meet at 7:30 and spend about two hours soaking up the atmosphere of the city's greatest preserve of midcentury neon storefront signs.  Over the course of the tour we'll stop to delve into the details of where these signs came from - who made them, how they were designed, and how our relationship with them has changed through the years.  Check out this redux of the tour at Hyperallergic and please join us for an evening that could change the way you look at the city streets.  This tour is organized by our friends at Untapped Cities.  

Neon and the bohemian mystique:  Jack Kerouac, Joyce Johnson, Arthur's Tavern and Marie's Crisis, 1957.   We'll stop by the spot where this photo was taken on the tour.  (Jerry Yulsman / Cover Photo for Minor Characters: a Beat Memoir, by Joyce Johnson)


WHAT:  Greenwich Village Neon Walking Tour

WHEN:  Wednesday, September 21, 2016, 7:30pm
WHERE: Greenwich Village NYC / Location TBA
HOW:   Tickets available at Untapped Cities here

 A nice write-up on the neon art of Esther Ruiz and Brooklyn's LiteBrite Neon, at wearesweet.
 In the Bronx, another roof sign reincarnation has played out at the site of the former History Channel sign. The new sign (for iHeartRadio) is not neon nor LED, but floodlit vinyl.  More to come.

Where History once was, iHeartRadio rears its head in the Bronx.  (T. Rinaldi)

 From the west coast, enough neon eyecandy to rot your teeth out  via Debra Jane Seltzer.
 In Lower Manhattan, the neon ghost of the A. Blank Office Furniture sign made a brief reappearance over the summer.  
 Ohm, a neon font.
 Christmas in Vegas, via Shorpy.

 OK, this isn't neon, but - I am very excited to announce Hudson Valley Ruins, an exhibit of photographs by myself and my longtime cohort Rob Yasinsacat the New York State Museum in Albany. 

The exhibit features photographs from our book of the same name, depicting ruined and abandoned historic sites in the Hudson River Valley between New York and Albany. Swing by for our opening reception on Saturday, September 24.  The show will be up through December 2017.  

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