Sunday, March 9, 2014

Flash Dancers

Some weeks ago, while stealing back toward the 8th Avenue subway from my farewell visit to the now-vanished Famous Oyster Bar, I happened upon another neon casualty in the streets above Times Square.  Near the corner of Broadway and 52nd Street, FlashDancers, that veritable institution of bread-n-butter New York sleaze, has gone LED.  

This doesn't exactly tell us anything we don't already know.  FlashDancer's old neon was pretty mundane – not even a pale ghostly echo of the Pussycat Theatre, an extravaganza of neon smut that once stood just down the street.  Yet if the new sign's icecold LED glare and ultraboring Arial letterforms are any indication of the state of neon or sleaze in New York today . . . Heaven help us.

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